vivo v15 Best Mobile Phone

The Vivo V15 Pro, a mid-budget smartphone with a slim and sleek rectangular bezel-free screen, a self-contained pop-up fingerprint camera, and a triple rear camera set-up. The smartphone is among the cheapest smartphones in this affordable price range. The Vivo V15 Pro comes with Android Kit Kat 4.4, and offers various functionalities. It has a 5-inch WXGA capacitive touchscreen display, which is smooth to use and has bright and vibrant colors. The phone comes with Windows pre-installed as well.

The phone has an octa-core chipset along vivo v15 with the stacked-core 1.5GHZ CPU and the Adreno A1 chip. The software package also comes with plenty of features like the Google Maps, Waze, Chrome, Android Auto, and many others. However, the software package does not give you pretty much an ultimate experience as far as battery life is concerned. In this respect, the vivo v15 Pro comes out as a disappointment for its low battery life. According to several users, the battery life of this smartphone is average at best.

The camera on the vivo v15 Pro does not work properly even in daylight. This camera does not turn on until the battery dies down to a point that it is in the unusable state. When the device is used under daylight, the camera turns on fine and does record the video. However, the image quality is below par and the motion detection in the video recording is almost non-existent.

The major problem with this handset is that it does not support any Data Degradation features that the Nokia 8.1 devices usually come equipped with. It is quite strange to see a manufacturer such as Nokia not equip its handsets with such a useful feature. However, the vivo v15 Pro does not really disappoint as far as performance is concerned. It has a pretty much stock android experience with all the facilities that one can expect from a high end smartphone.

On the other hand, the real strength of this handset lies in its support for the HID Ignite technology. This special technology allows the user to get the best of both worlds – enjoy high definition images and be able to share them with the whole world through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. With this facility, the Nokia 8.1 can act as a mini social media platform with the ability to upload and share high resolution pictures or videos with the people who are closest to you. However, when it comes to using the Nokia 8.1 for doing social networking, the battery of this smartphone seems to be the real weak spot. It lasts for just two hours on the screen before the battery manages to run out of power.

The result of this shortcoming can be seen in the battery life of the Nokia 8.1 for outdoor use. For professional photographers, this could be just about the worst possible scenario. In addition to being a complete snooze machine, the battery of the vivo v15 Pro also seems to be unable to cope up with the continuous overnight charging that the HTC Desire does. When it comes to taking snaps with the Nokia 8.1, the quality does seem to fall down compared to the camera of the HTC Desire. So if you are planning on taking some bright and beautiful snaps along with your family and friends in the outdoors, the Nokia 8.1 should be your primary choice over the HTC Desire.